Germany produces more solar energy than 20 nuclear power plants

solar nuclear energy
Between noon of 25 and 26 days after the production of solar energy in Germany amounted to 22,000 megawatt hours, equivalent to a world record that would produce 20 nuclear power plants at full power.

"Never has a country produced as much solar energy," said Norbert Allnoch Reuters, director of the Institute of Renewable Energy Industry (IWR), Germany.

The same official said that Germany, the European country with more investment in solar, already haunted by several times the 20,000 MW in photovoltaic hours, but achieve 22,000 MW, "is indeed a world record."

In those 24 hours (between noon Friday and noon on Saturday of last week), photovoltaic panels spread across Germany produced 50% of the country's electricity needs.

On average, a year that country can supply 20% of electricity needs in PV production.

Closure of nuclear empowers renewable

Remember that Germany, following the disaster of Fukushima, Japan, initiated a process of decommissioning (closure) of its nuclear plants, having to take refuge now more than ever, in the production based on renewable sources. The option is not strange that the strength of the Greens party in public opinion in general and also of political power.

The choice of PV is costing consumers more than two cents per kilowatt hour. Makes the bill heavier, generates controversy among the most critical sectors, but is reflective of a policy option, which costs a year four billion euros to the Germans, according to accounts of the Ministry of Environment of the country.

Merkel wanted to cut subsidies to solar, but could not

The government of Angela Merkel tried to cut 15 to 30% in fees paid to the production of solar energy, but the proposal was grouted to the upper house of German parliament.

In Portugal due process now calls for cuts in excess rents paid to the electric sector, having already been announced by the end of subsidies (power guarantee) to combined cycle gas, worth EUR 60 million and still to a part of the hydroelectric production subsidies, which amounts have not been fully established.
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Solar Energy to Restore Sight to the Blind

solar energy vision
Currently solar energy not only helps improve the environment and health of our planet. But now it also involved in improving the quality of life of blind people? Restore their vision.

A group of scientists at Stanford University, California, USA, developed a bionic eye solar energy using solar energy, the goal is to restore sight to people blinded by retinal degenerative diseases that do not undergo risky operations and without using cables.

It is an artificial vision system powered by sunlight, implemented a super sunglasses, a microchip and a minicomputer under the retina.

The system operates similar to how the work of current solar panels instead of powering a home, it flows into the retina.

Tiny solar panels
installed on the back of the eye, a video camera is installed behind the retina, and records what is happening in the eye. The panels to operate in a very small amount of infrared light enough to provide an electrical pulse to the optic nerve to the brain, in the form of visual information.

The solar bionic eye was tested in the laboratory with the retinas of mice. The results were positive, now the next step is to test the technology in humans.

The technology is difficult to understand and more difficult to explain with so little information. It is clear that the bionic eye gift is being tested, hopefully soon know more about this new technology that is more than interesting.
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New Design Mini Wind Windpod G1

windpod G1 new design
This is a new design of wind Windpod mini-called G1, developed by a group of Australian scientists.

The background of this project is about to utilize the small wind that is usually wasted. A great importance since it is the best method to harness wind energy on a small scale at home.

G1 Windpod design is resembles the design of a vertical and horizontal wind turbine that only has a diameter of 459 mm and a length of 2,220 mm. Two of them can produce 1 KW, operates the wind currents from 4 m / s operating with only 12 m / s at full capacity.

These benefits are more than good, the best you can have on the market today. So I think it is unlikely to be replaced by other domestic wind turbines.

The G1 Windpod could easily be incorporated into the design of any house or building, or even install in existing buildings without losing aesthetic. The device can be installed in buildings, houses, roofs, terraces, gardens, entrances and even roads and bridges in advertising or publicity.

For more information about G1 Windpod visit the official site
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Japan city to restart the reactors

japan nuclear power plants
City management of the Japanese city of Oi recently decided to support the restart of two reactors made ​​of during a maintenance shutdown. An overwhelming majority of members, 11 to 1, voted for the decision. The reason for this is that there is concern that the city will suffer economic damage from the decommissioned power plants. Ultimately it is the mayor of the city that has to take the decision on a restart.

Nuclear power plants which have recently set off for routine maintenance shutdowns in Japan has not started up again. But now the Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda said that the country needs to start up some of its nuclear power plants for intensive
energy in summer months.

Before the earthquake and nuclear accident in Fukushima Daiichi in March last year covered the nuclear power 30 percent of Japan's electricity needs. Last summer, Japan was forced to ration electricity through planned blackouts to deal with the deficit.

Noda has warned that a similar situation may occur this year.

- The Japanese way of life can do it, but not the industrial sector with factories that need a very stable power supply, says Takao Kashiwagi, a professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology, to Majirox News.

- If energy security is not guaranteed, some factories because prepare to move abroad. It will have serious consequences for the Japanese people, says Kashiwagi.
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Empire State Building New LED lighting to save 75% energy

Symbol of Manhattan, the Empire State will gain new lighting bulbs with LED technology. The company owns the building, Malikin Holdings, decided to replace the 400 lights that currently illuminate the upper floors of the skyscraper by 1,200 new devices, which have a total of 68,000 small LED lights.

Besides reducing energy consumption the new technology will allow the manipulation of light to generate special effects. Will be rainbows, waves and light bulbs produced by cross through computers.

The new devices will allow the Empire State Building is lit with millions of different colors. Currently, only 10 colors are used and required seven workers to change them. The different shades are famous in the building, known for its tradition of using colors to commemorate different causes.

LED lamps will mean a saving of 75% annually, since each new device lasts between three and six times longer than traditional bulbs. The expectation is that the new model will be finalized in October.
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Transform contaminated hotspots areas for Renewable Energy

Here is a strange idea, undeniably good: How unproductive land contaminated or polluted site to produce renewable energy. A collaborative project of the DOE and EPA aims to streamline the process for doing this.

The EPA requires that the proposed modernization of the U.S. Land and notes that the initiative "identifies the potential of renewable energy on these sites and provides other useful resources for communities, developers, state, industry and local governments or any person interested in returning to use these sites for renewable energy development. "

The toolkit will be the same for businesses, individuals and municipalities, and should help stimulate the rapid deployment of renewable energy in half a million contaminated sites to be around.

Bloomberg reports that the two agencies focus on new tools for "Evaluation of commercial and industrial roofs, car parks and contaminated land with potential for solar and wind energy." And these tools can be very useful, given the large number of vacancies in contaminated sites throughout the country. Bloomberg follows:

The tools, which include solar and wind "decision trees", will help state and local governments and landowners to identify the best sites without technical knowledge, according to the EPA. The EPA estimates there are 490,000 contaminated sites that cover almost 15 million hectares in the United States, both in urban and rural areas. The reuse of these lands for renewable energy projects can bring economic benefits and other measures.
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LED bulb that lasts 20 years released in the U.S. for $ 60

Philips led bulb 20 year
A bulb that lasts 20 years and costs $ 60 went on sale in the United States this week. The product is manufactured by Philips multinational, which replaced the traditional filament emitting diodes (LEDs).

LED technology increases lamp life but also more expensive merchandise. Philips is offering discounts to some stores to try to popularize the product.

With discounts, special lamp can cost up to $ 20. The manufacturers argue that despite the high cost, the lamp can bring savings in the long run, since it consumes less electricity to operate.

Energy Efficiency

The product won the Bright Tomorrow competition that promoted by the Ministry of Energy of the U.S., aimed at seeking more efficient alternatives to ordinary light bulb of 60 watts with less power consumption.

Philips was the only company that participated in the competition. Their product has undergone 18 months of testing before being deemed the winner. A slightly cheaper but less efficient, LED lamp from Philips is already sold in the United States and Europe.

The main competitor of the LED lamps are fluorescent, which are almost as efficient but cost much less. Governments of many countries are trying to encourage the purchase of energy efficient light bulbs, and to end production of incandescent filaments and high energy consumption.

The 100 watt bulbs are no longer produced in the United States and Europe. The 60 watts are no longer sold in Europe and it being abandoned in the United States. By 2014, the U.S. government wants to ban the production of bulbs of 40 watts.
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New Wind Power Record in Spain

On Monday, April 16, 2012, Wind power in Spain was re-record of more than 60% of total energy generated in accordance with REE (Red Electrica Spanish) on Wednesday once again exceeded 18 different brands.

It surpassed the record of coverage with 61.06% of demand across the country. Surpassing the record of being taken from the November 9, 2011.

On Wednesday, 18 to 16:41 for an historical presentation quickly with 16,636 MW, up 11.2% from the previous high, as with the generation of 16,455 MWh of energy generated from one hour to five hours for six hours, 11.5% from the previous peak, and also exceeded the energy generated in a single day, 334,850 MW of 6.2% over the previous record.

Spain is currently one of the great powers in renewable energy, especially solar and wind, and these numbers prove it.

What is unfortunate is that the NEC the National Energy Commission in Spain, published this week on its website that do not expect any growth in renewable energy over the next three years, 2013, 14:15.
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The environmental target 2020 reached this year

Svebio think that the government and parliament have to raise the target for renewable energy in 2020th, target of 10 percent by 2020. According to Svebio, its to be reached this year. In order to create pressure for further conversion to renewable fuels mean that the target should be at least doubled to 20 percent 2020th.

- Swedish renewable energy in transport sector was 9.8 percent in 2011, according to the Energy Agency. Now sold that much E85 as the price is very favorable compared to  expensive records of gasoline. In addition, the use of biogas and biodiesel. As a result, Sweden exceeds the 10 percent level this year, eight years ahead of schedule, says Gustav Melin, president of Svebio.

- Sweden has for many years been the European leader in the development of production and market for sustainable biofuels. Unclear instruments and too low a goal means that investors are now reluctant to invest in new production of biofuels and developing technology to utilize forest resources to make DME, ethanol, biodiesel and other fuels. The same applies to the plans for biogas production. It is important that government and parliament sends a strong signal so that the biofuels industry can continue to develop in Sweden and so that we can maintain our technical advantage, says Gustav Melin.
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CHP will conditions comparable to industry

The government proposes in its spring bill that carbon tax will be removed for all power plants in the EU emissions trading scheme. CHP with district heating would thus have the same competitive footing as industrial cogeneration plants, which is welcomed by industry associations Swedish Energy and the Swedish District Heating Association.

When the CHP plant owned by an industry that is part of the EU ETS, the Government has previously removed the carbon tax on the grounds that it is double regulation. However, if an energy company owns a similar facility has been the subject of both emissions trading and carbon tax paid. Government's proposal means that from next year will no longer be double taxing cogeneration connected to district heating networks.

It is good that the government is. Now we hope that it also will take hold of the property tax for CHP. There has recently reinterpreted Tax Code after 25 years, which will lead to massive cost increases for energy companies, said Eric Thor Power, head of tax and incentives issues in Swedish District Heating Association.
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