The environmental target 2020 reached this year

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Svebio think that the government and parliament have to raise the target for renewable energy in 2020th, target of 10 percent by 2020. According to Svebio, its to be reached this year. In order to create pressure for further conversion to renewable fuels mean that the target should be at least doubled to 20 percent 2020th.

- Swedish renewable energy in transport sector was 9.8 percent in 2011, according to the Energy Agency. Now sold that much E85 as the price is very favorable compared to  expensive records of gasoline. In addition, the use of biogas and biodiesel. As a result, Sweden exceeds the 10 percent level this year, eight years ahead of schedule, says Gustav Melin, president of Svebio.

- Sweden has for many years been the European leader in the development of production and market for sustainable biofuels. Unclear instruments and too low a goal means that investors are now reluctant to invest in new production of biofuels and developing technology to utilize forest resources to make DME, ethanol, biodiesel and other fuels. The same applies to the plans for biogas production. It is important that government and parliament sends a strong signal so that the biofuels industry can continue to develop in Sweden and so that we can maintain our technical advantage, says Gustav Melin.

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