Transform contaminated hotspots areas for Renewable Energy

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Here is a strange idea, undeniably good: How unproductive land contaminated or polluted site to produce renewable energy. A collaborative project of the DOE and EPA aims to streamline the process for doing this.

The EPA requires that the proposed modernization of the U.S. Land and notes that the initiative "identifies the potential of renewable energy on these sites and provides other useful resources for communities, developers, state, industry and local governments or any person interested in returning to use these sites for renewable energy development. "

The toolkit will be the same for businesses, individuals and municipalities, and should help stimulate the rapid deployment of renewable energy in half a million contaminated sites to be around.

Bloomberg reports that the two agencies focus on new tools for "Evaluation of commercial and industrial roofs, car parks and contaminated land with potential for solar and wind energy." And these tools can be very useful, given the large number of vacancies in contaminated sites throughout the country. Bloomberg follows:

The tools, which include solar and wind "decision trees", will help state and local governments and landowners to identify the best sites without technical knowledge, according to the EPA. The EPA estimates there are 490,000 contaminated sites that cover almost 15 million hectares in the United States, both in urban and rural areas. The reuse of these lands for renewable energy projects can bring economic benefits and other measures.

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