Germany produces more solar energy than 20 nuclear power plants

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Between noon of 25 and 26 days after the production of solar energy in Germany amounted to 22,000 megawatt hours, equivalent to a world record that would produce 20 nuclear power plants at full power.

"Never has a country produced as much solar energy," said Norbert Allnoch Reuters, director of the Institute of Renewable Energy Industry (IWR), Germany.

The same official said that Germany, the European country with more investment in solar, already haunted by several times the 20,000 MW in photovoltaic hours, but achieve 22,000 MW, "is indeed a world record."

In those 24 hours (between noon Friday and noon on Saturday of last week), photovoltaic panels spread across Germany produced 50% of the country's electricity needs.

On average, a year that country can supply 20% of electricity needs in PV production.

Closure of nuclear empowers renewable

Remember that Germany, following the disaster of Fukushima, Japan, initiated a process of decommissioning (closure) of its nuclear plants, having to take refuge now more than ever, in the production based on renewable sources. The option is not strange that the strength of the Greens party in public opinion in general and also of political power.

The choice of PV is costing consumers more than two cents per kilowatt hour. Makes the bill heavier, generates controversy among the most critical sectors, but is reflective of a policy option, which costs a year four billion euros to the Germans, according to accounts of the Ministry of Environment of the country.

Merkel wanted to cut subsidies to solar, but could not

The government of Angela Merkel tried to cut 15 to 30% in fees paid to the production of solar energy, but the proposal was grouted to the upper house of German parliament.

In Portugal due process now calls for cuts in excess rents paid to the electric sector, having already been announced by the end of subsidies (power guarantee) to combined cycle gas, worth EUR 60 million and still to a part of the hydroelectric production subsidies, which amounts have not been fully established.

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