New Wind Power Record in Spain

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On Monday, April 16, 2012, Wind power in Spain was re-record of more than 60% of total energy generated in accordance with REE (Red Electrica Spanish) on Wednesday once again exceeded 18 different brands.

It surpassed the record of coverage with 61.06% of demand across the country. Surpassing the record of being taken from the November 9, 2011.

On Wednesday, 18 to 16:41 for an historical presentation quickly with 16,636 MW, up 11.2% from the previous high, as with the generation of 16,455 MWh of energy generated from one hour to five hours for six hours, 11.5% from the previous peak, and also exceeded the energy generated in a single day, 334,850 MW of 6.2% over the previous record.

Spain is currently one of the great powers in renewable energy, especially solar and wind, and these numbers prove it.

What is unfortunate is that the NEC the National Energy Commission in Spain, published this week on its website that do not expect any growth in renewable energy over the next three years, 2013, 14:15.

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