New Design Mini Wind Windpod G1

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windpod G1 new design
This is a new design of wind Windpod mini-called G1, developed by a group of Australian scientists.

The background of this project is about to utilize the small wind that is usually wasted. A great importance since it is the best method to harness wind energy on a small scale at home.

G1 Windpod design is resembles the design of a vertical and horizontal wind turbine that only has a diameter of 459 mm and a length of 2,220 mm. Two of them can produce 1 KW, operates the wind currents from 4 m / s operating with only 12 m / s at full capacity.

These benefits are more than good, the best you can have on the market today. So I think it is unlikely to be replaced by other domestic wind turbines.

The G1 Windpod could easily be incorporated into the design of any house or building, or even install in existing buildings without losing aesthetic. The device can be installed in buildings, houses, roofs, terraces, gardens, entrances and even roads and bridges in advertising or publicity.

For more information about G1 Windpod visit the official site

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