Japan city to restart the reactors

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japan nuclear power plants
City management of the Japanese city of Oi recently decided to support the restart of two reactors made ​​of during a maintenance shutdown. An overwhelming majority of members, 11 to 1, voted for the decision. The reason for this is that there is concern that the city will suffer economic damage from the decommissioned power plants. Ultimately it is the mayor of the city that has to take the decision on a restart.

Nuclear power plants which have recently set off for routine maintenance shutdowns in Japan has not started up again. But now the Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda said that the country needs to start up some of its nuclear power plants for intensive
energy in summer months.

Before the earthquake and nuclear accident in Fukushima Daiichi in March last year covered the nuclear power 30 percent of Japan's electricity needs. Last summer, Japan was forced to ration electricity through planned blackouts to deal with the deficit.

Noda has warned that a similar situation may occur this year.

- The Japanese way of life can do it, but not the industrial sector with factories that need a very stable power supply, says Takao Kashiwagi, a professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology, to Majirox News.

- If energy security is not guaranteed, some factories because prepare to move abroad. It will have serious consequences for the Japanese people, says Kashiwagi.

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