Largest Solar-Powered Boat Will Soon Arrive in Miami

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After starting the inaugural trip in September 2010 from Monaco, the World's Largest Solar-Powered Boat Turanor Planet Solar will soon arrive at the Miami Beach Marina at the end of this November. The trip was to bring the message about the efficient application of renewable energy worldwide.

A giant Solar-Powered boat catamaran type is completely environmentally friendly without fossil fuels and energy entirely from solar power generated is stored in the lithium-ion battery. Turanor has a surface area of nearly 5700 square meters which will serve as a solar generator to allow the catamarans can continue to run until three full days even without direct insolation.

A masterpiece of German-Swiss technology and Craig Loomes from LOMOcean Design, Auckland, NZ who acted as designer of Turanor Planet Solar with the concept of wave-piercing catamaran incision made through the waves and do not ride the wave. This concept will reduce the usage of power.

Turanor Planet Solar belongs Ströher built using sandwich carbon technologies which costs approximately € 12,500,000 (approximately U.S. $ 17.5 million). Turanor next destination is to CancĂșn, Mexico, site of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

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jimmiller5417 said...

Dear Designers,

I am designing a fleet of wooden ships, which will be powered, in part, by solar energy, including thin-film PV. I am looking for a source of Lithium-ion batteries. Please advise me of the source and cost for your ship.
Jim Miller

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