Solaris Synergy to Solve the Problem of CPV

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Besides getting an award of Clean Tech Open IDEAS Competition for the idea of concentration of solar panels floating in the water because it saves space on the ground, Solaris Synergy also expected to obtain maximum solar energy with minimum costs.

Solaris Synergy is also expected to be able to solve the problem of CPV (Concentrated Photovoltaic) which currently only applied on land with the involvement of many mirrors to focus sunlight get into Photovoltaic. CPV also requires a high level of concentration of sunlight with a mechanism for evacuating the heat which will reduce efficiency. Solaris Panel by using cooling qualities of water to cope with the heat effect will be more efficient. Extreme temperatures changes in the desert will create thermal stress on land CPV and it will accelerate the damage.

Solaris Synergy prototype has been installed on the company roof using a tiny (home-sized) 1 KW. Furthermore, the concept will soon be on trial for a 200KW system that will be installed for a water reservoir in Israel.

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