Begin Transition at This Time to Future Entirely Renewable Energy

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According to The World Wildlife Fund's (WWF), if we have to act now to transition, they predicted in the next 39 years the world's energy needs will be met all the environmentally friendly renewable energy. This needs to be done so that we could maintain energy security, reduce pollution and climate change disaster.

WWF is working with energy consultants Ecofys conclusions resulted in achieving 100 percent renewable energy by 2050 can be met. Some ways that are relevant to achieve such energy efficiency in buildings, vehicles and industries and an increase in the use of electric power generated renewably provided through a smart grid.

Some facts will also support the implementation of goals such as reducing fossil fuel use by 70 percent in 2040, saving nearly 5.5 trillion U.S. dollars per year in 2050 and the new power in Europe if the Sahara is 0.3 percent concentrated solar plant. However according to WWF, to achieve these objectives there will be some challenges to be faced through several solutions.

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Forrest Charnock said...

The World Wildlife Fund?
Perhaps we should get advice from the Association for the Prevention of Jerry Lewis.
It is nonsense to say we can replace all fossil fuels in 39 years if ever. To claim it will save money is ludicrous.
What does the WWF have to do with Climate Change? What meteorologist work for them and why?
There has been changes in climate as long as we have records and as far as warming trends we have had times when they were growing crops in Northern Europe, that was a good thing!
America , and the West in general , has been dumbed down to the point we will ignore blatant dishonesty even when exposed. For instance the trick of changing the location to take temperature readings to downtown metropolitan areas that are always a few degrees warmer than outside of town where the historical readings have always been taken and the massive fraud in England.
How bright does one have to be to realize the reason the term changed from "Global Warming" , to "Climate Change' , is that the average temperature of the earth actually has fallen since this nonsense started. I remember when the story was we were entering a new ice age.
If you read the Communist Manifesto or
Al Salinsky who is the spiritual leader of Hillary Clinton and President Obama by their own admission, never let a good crisis go to waste. Use the fear of the unlearned masses to seize more and more power. With Global Warming it turned out there was no crisis to waste but I guess they also believe in never letting an imaginary crisis go to waste either.

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