ZenithSolar Generator 72 percent Most Efficient

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Solar Z20 is third generation of solar generator developed by the Israeli energy company ZenithSolar that has broken the record as the most efficient solar energy generator. Blend of power systems that utilize optical semi-parabolic mirror with the heat to collect solar energy to meet electricity demand and hot water needs for the community.

Solar Z20 has been installed in kibbutz Yavne Central Israel as the most efficient system to 72 percent in the field to meet the energy needs for the citizens. System of a refinement of the previous generation of concentrated PV and solar thermal systems for converting heat captured by the collector mirror optics to both electric and thermal power by the use of engineered ZenithSolar 'micro-channel heat exchanger'.

DC electrical current generated by PV cells is converted into AC current and used by the utility grid to heat the water up to 100 degrees Celsius. Hot water will be pumped through a closed-loop systems for industrial processes, heating facilities, housing hot water, absorption air conditioning, water distillation and so forth.

Z20 has recorded the excess of the lowest cost-per-watt solutions and the potential for energy cost reduction. Also available system design that allows us to easy upgrade the system and help to prevent CO2 emissions through the clean energy generation systems.

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