Solar Tablet PC Suitable for Rural Areas in India

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Given the name I-slate of a fully solar-powered tablet PC is currently under development by Singapore's Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in collaboration with Rice University (USA) will be very helpful for use by the students in rural areas without electricity like India.

India is one of the vast country that only 60 percent of the region are already available of electricity, and even then only by relying on captive generation or back-ups. The remaining 40 percent of the region with about 580 million people live almost did not get to live with electricity.

Although previous similar products have been developed such as a portable tablet computer "Sakshat" for rural India, but I-Slate will be more effective and practical choice. The use of solar energy fully to the operation, I-Slate also has a Technical Specification rare with concrete information available on energy-efficient solar power microchip that is being developed by the Institute of Sustainable and Applied Infodynamics (ISAID) from NTU and the Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology.

For further development of the I-Slate will be adjusted for a cheaper price, availability and abundance of spare parts.

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rakesh said...

hey, i am following this development closely. i would like to know how are they going to sell in the market. Is it through government or any other tie-up with private corporates.

N.M.K.D Sarma said...


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