Transform asphalt heat into a power source

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The asphalt could pass as a pan of burning in the summer to run an entire hob. At least, the researchers at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, England, are now trying to convert the heat accumulated by road as an alternative energy source, such as to generate electricity and to heat the water. The project is still in its infancy but the first solar panel-shaped paving is underway.

Large cities may have an energy mine under the feet, and not exactly underground, but on the asphalt is used to accumulate the heat of the sun throughout the day, especially in summer. A team from Worcester Polytechnic Institute is currently working on a project that will live in coming 18 days, when the annual convention of the International Society of Pavement will be held in Zurich. There, researchers, under the baton of Professor Rajib Mallick, will present a project with revolutionary ambitions of asphalt that would make effective solar panel to produce electricity and heat water.

It would, therefore, the discovery of an alternative energy source. According to Mallick, take advantage of a solar panel, specifically, the material accumulates heat even at night and allow roads and parking become self-sufficient. In addition, Mallick says that extract heat from the asphalt would cool it, reducing the urban heat island effect common in large cities. An advantage which adds no visual impact of the initiative since it would just take a material and installed.

For now, just a question of experiments conducted within four walls. Laboratory testing consisted of measurements to determine the penetration of heat in the asphalt and the possibility of transferring this energy to moving water. Thus, it was discovered that the material reaches maximum temperature levels a few inches away from the surface. Mallick given by good studies, which described as promising in order to obtain a very important future source of renewable and clean energy.

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