CNG-powered Honda Civic is elected 'Green Car of the Year'

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Honda Civic powered CNG
CNG Honda Civic "greenest car of the year"
The Honda Civic powered by natural gas (CNG) won the prize "Green Car of the Year" on Thursday (17) in the United States. The ceremony took place during the Hall of Los Angeles, which continues until November 27, and was promoted by the Green Car Journal, which holds the event annually.

Among the competitors this year were two electric vehicles, a hybrid, a diesel and gas-powered Civic. To take the prize, the car competed with Honda's Electric Ford Focus, Mitsubishi i, V and Toyota Prius Volkswagen Passat TDI. The jury that chose the Civic was composed of six experts on the environment and cars, and editor of Green Car.

According to the organizers of the election, the Civic powered by natural gas vehicle is the cleanest internal combustion certified by the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States. With a full tank of compressed gas, the car can run about 386 km, almost two and a half times the range of a traditional electric vehicle.

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