Extreme weather will worsen

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For a planet currently suffering bad weather and climate disasters, the last notice of the scientific community projected a bleak future. More floods, more heat waves, more droughts and more places in the world to face these problems.

A draft of an international scientific report says that the extremes caused by global warming could eventually worsen so severely that many cities will become marginal places to live.

The report made by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change proposes a change in climate science, going from a focus on subtle changes in average temperatures to focus on events more difficult to analyze but affect us directly, destroying economies and cause death many people.

The final report will be presented in the coming weeks, after a meeting in Uganda. The draft states that there is a possibility of two-thirds of that extreme weather becomes more acute due to human activities and greenhouse gases.

By the end of this century, the rains that last more than a day will occur twice every 10 years, unlike now happening every 20 years.

The panel consists of the United Nations and the World Meteorological Organization.

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