Saltwater to save 75 percent air conditioner energy

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super efficient air conditioner
The super-efficient air conditioner technology will be made by 7AC Technologies that uses a dessicant-driven which is expected to be able to save on air conditioning energy between 50 to 75 percent. The use of liquid dessicant will serve as a reliever humidity from the air.

Prototype of 7AC'air conditioner will be made by the Woburn, Mass.-based company, in the lab and planned in the spring will already be tested with beta test with customers. This energy efficient air conditioner will be working just use a little heat of about 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and it can use the heat from various sources such as solar panels, waste heat from buildings and natural gas.

Prototype that will be made is in the form of multilayered flat plastic plates and covered by a proprietary membrane by NREL. Salt water will be sprayed onto the surface of the plates, while the water flows on each plate. Salt water that has been collected will go through another set of plates which heat the solution. Polypropylene membrane allows to easily water circulation.

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