IPod designer builds the world's most beautiful thermostat

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Tony Fadell, the man who oversaw the first 18 generations of the iPod, announced the first product of its nest stealth labs that started on Tuesday, something very nice to save the world, a ... thermostat.

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"Nest" is a programmable thermostat $ 249 can also program itself.

At first, users can often adjust the thermometer when you get up in the morning, go to work, come home after work and go to sleep. However, eventually, you learn their patterns and adjust the temperature at appropriate levels automatically. If you are going away, the thermostat will notice that the house is empty, lower the heat and air conditioning to an energy saving mode.

90% of programmable thermostats are rarely or never scheduled, even though the EPA estimates that programming a thermostat reduces heating and cooling while you are away from home, and can reduce the 15% discount on an invoice heating and cooling. Making it easier to "set" temperature, the thermostat Fadell could make a hole much larger in reducing energy waste and bills. He has said in several publications that users can expect to reduce up to 30% of your utility bills.

All this, and the Nest is a looker, too. "If we do not look nice, people do not value it," said Fadell to Wired. "I want it to be a jewel in the wall to be a topic of conversation. People come and go, and then asks, "What have enthusiasm wall?" Answer: 'Oh, you gotta see this.' "

The thermostat is round like a jewel. Instead of numbers are weaker than squinting to users, the temperature in the Nest is bold and large, front and center. To adjust just have to rotate around the "jewel". Turns blue when cooling and turns red when heated.

If the user forgets to make a temperature adjustment before leaving the house, the thermostat can be controlled with any device connected to the Internet, an application for the iPhone or Android application.

"The Nest is the iPod of the thermostats," says Levy.
 But it also remains a thermostat and a thermostat that costs about $ 100 more than most competitors.
Probably not begin to find out until November, when the device goes on sale. The website as Best Buy and Nest laboratories are taking pre-orders.

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