New radar system to distinguishing wind turbines or aircraft

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The use of an accurate radar system to distinguish a passing plane or just a wind turbine, current is needed in the aviation system and also for the wind power industry. During this time, the growth of wind power technology is rather constrained by the impact is considered to interfere with flight systems.

A new technology called holographic radar has been able to break the constraints of conventional radar in use today that it is less accurate in distinguishing where the plane where the windmill. Radar that can be placed up to several miles of wind farms will help the airport radar system accuracy in reading a passing plane or a rotating turbine blades.

Holographic radar will be tested by an UK company, Aveillant, in the middle of next year. This type of three-dimensional radar that has been applied to anti-terrorist and military systems are expected to help solve the conventional radar errors in reading the subject, such as aircraft position on the wind farm that suddenly appears in the display.

Holographic radar will be easily visible from all directions, so it can provide accurate data to be sent to the airport. It will form a small house near a wind farm. The equipment maintenance costs only slightly, so it will be imposed on operators of wind farms because it will not burden the wind farm operational.

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