Israeli scientists managed to create a forest in Aravah desert

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The success of created a forest in the middle of the desert Aravah has been demonstrated by Israeli scientists. The forest is overgrown by salt cedar trees that grow only by using the dirty waste water that has been recycled and residual of desalination plants salt water. It only takes a small amount for irrigation. Manufacture of forest in the middle of the desert is intended to help the earth in the face of the negative effects of global warming.

The researchers were from Tel Aviv University which consists of professors Amram Eshel and Aviah Zilberstein. Tamarix is ​​a type of salt cedar tree planted by the scientists which can grow up to 18 meters high and can thrive in salty soil area and have alkali.

 This type of salt cedar trees are working to combat the increasingly of carbon footprint on the earth today that would eventually lead to global warming. Cedar salt will help absorb carbon dioxide and provide fresh air around it with oxygen.

In the framework of the research that has been done since the summer, researchers will choose the best type of salt cedar that absorb more carbon dioxide which in turn will be a recommendation for planting in various areas. The data collected will also read the comparison of land area of ​​salt cedar that will be able to balance out the high carbon in the atmosphere.

The research provides new hope for the dry soil or barren even the desert like Sahara to be made in a place that is green and help overcome the problem of carbon footprints. In addition, other benefits also will be found by convert the salt cedar plants into a form of biomass for the manufacture of biofuels. This obviously can optimize the use of idle land in desert areas to help overcome the negative impact of diminishing rain forests as well as for the manufacture of green fuels. Biofuel can be obtained from non-productive areas, so the productive area can be planted with food crops or agricultural.

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Wildermann9 said...

I think it is great they are growing a forest there but I do not think CO2 is a problem in the world today or tomorrow.Green spaces are nice and good for the world;the real problems are not so easy to deal with.

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