Europe's biggest pellet boiler in operation

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In the 3,500 inhabitant town in the Swiss canton of Valais on the border with Italy, the CBA SA has taken a district headquarters in operation, which is operated with wood pellets. The heating capacity is 6.3 megawatts. The plant supplies 15 residential buildings with a total of 600 residential units and two hotels. The power supply is about two kilometers long, the heat loss takes place in the buildings via heat exchangers. The project documents a collective change from oil to wood pellets.

The facility includes two boilers, each with 3.15 MW of power. The fuel is stored in two silos each with a capacity of 200,000 liters. The silos each hold 200 tons of wood pellets. The fuel is produced by the SA in Valpellets Uvrier. Uvrier is just 15 kilometers from Anzère.

Invested around 8.7 million were Swiss francs (about 7 million €). For the construction of the heating system in June 2010, the company specifically Chauffage Bois-energy Anzère (CBA) was founded in SA. Owners are the 600 homeowners who now receive heat from the heating system instead of having individual combustion unit, they hold a 49 percent stake in the company. 51 percent owned by the man Suisse Energy, a subsidiary of Man Natural Energy from Langenbach in the Westerwald. Man belongs to the Wester Holzpellets GmbH, one of the most popular wood pellet manufacturers in Germany (Westermann Holzpellets). Initiator of the project is Mark Mann, Director of man natural energy. His family owns an apartment in Anzère since 1972.

So far, leaders of Europe, based on a single pellet fireplace was pharmaceutical company Pfizer. The company had the title pretty much exactly two years held. In early October 2009, the company is at work in Freiburg, a 3.8 megawatt pellet boiler in operation. This provides steam for the production and heat for the facility

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Diesel said...

This is not even close to the largest pellet boiler in Europe. Gotborg Energi plant in Sweden has a 100MW district heating plant that started operation on 2003 burning residential style pellets that are pulverized and burnt as a powder in suspension. They have installed dozens of similar plants across Europe and have put their first, 12MW plant in North America at a small peoduction facility in Maine.

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