Siemens Wind Power in Hamburg will provide hundreds of jobs

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Good news for the Hamburg job market: 300 new jobs created in the new world headquarters for the Siemens Wind Power in Hamburg. The Mutual Group will - as reported - control its billion-dollar wind energy business in the future of the Hanseatic city. "In two years we will employ in Hamburg in this division at least 500 employees," said yesterday Siemens Energy CEO Michael Suess. To date, Siemens Wind Power is one of the city in 170. New Siemens specialists will search for the administration, sales, research and development and project management.

Siemens wind power,wind energy
Siemens Wind Power
The Hanseatic city was able to prevail in the location decision for a serious international competition. "Hamburg has more than any other city in Germany by the growth of the energy industry has benefited and is already the capital of wind energy," enthused Mayor Olaf Scholz (SPD) on the recruitment success. In addition to Siemens Repower Systems, which now belong to India's Suzlon, represented Nordex Wind Power and Vestas of Denmark, with their headquarters or sales offices in the metropolitan region. Offshore centers have here also the U.S. company General Electric (GE), the world's third largest wind turbine manufacturer Gamesa and Windreich from Stuttgart.

The office in Hamburg and the new chief Ferlemann Felix, 51, are assumed as early as next week the company's operations around the globe. Under German leadership to the North, three regional centers of Siemens Wind Power. The existing wind power station of the Group in Brande, Denmark combines the businesses of Europe. For North and South America is a branch in Orlando (Florida) and be responsible for the Asia office in Shanghai.

"Our activities in the nearby North Sea, the maritime industry, but also the environment in which universities have been the decisive factor for Hamburg," said Suss. With the settlement should also be pending a removal of the existing Siemens headquarters in Hamburg Berliner Tor, with its 1,300 employees. Especially sweet indicated that Siemens settle not only the wind, but in the future the division of space technologies in the Hanseatic city wanted. Thus, Siemens would create hundreds of additional sites on the Alster and Elbe for this key technology. The question of how alternatively produced electricity can be saved and stored during a lull, will ultimately determine the success of wind energy.

About the new address of Siemens silent in Hamburg, the Munich from yesterday. In this interview, however, should already be two sites for information on the Evening Gazette: Überseequartier and the SAP headquarters in the port city. The software giant SAP moves his office next to the Hotel Grand Elysée in the district of Rother tree.

With the world headquarters for wind energy is becoming a very promising project, Hamburg: Siemens is not only the world leader in the offshore sector, but also credited with extraordinary growth in the total wind energy. "The prospects are very good, the world market will grow from 42 billion euros in 2010 to around 60 billion euros in 2016," said Suss. Siemens recently generated some 3.2 billion € turnover with wind energy and in the division employed 7,800 employees, including 1,000 in Germany. The orders reached a record eleven billion Euro. Sweet expected to double the number of jobs in the medium term.

Siemens wanted to industrialize the business of wind energy and achieve cost leadership, so sweet. The market is consolidating, which would be shorter innovation cycles. "The idea is to transform the technology into a process of mass production," said Suss. Siemens will also deliver at present only 30 percent of an offshore wind facility, and the remaining 70 percent were provided by other companies. The goal is to build turnkey wind parks.

The electronics giant is not only the wind energy sector, but its entire business with renewable energies differently on. Development and construction of wind turbines and solar panels will in future be controlled separately. Siemens had recently announced the phasing out of nuclear power known. The rating agency Moody's praised the new course. In the nuclear energy liberated means Siemens is investing now in business, whose future would be better assessed.

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