Sülfeld wants to earn money with wind energy

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Wind Farm
Sülfeld - now wants to go to church Sülfeld under the "wind Miller." Although they will not even build and operate wind turbines and to provide but the land available for it.

Because: "We have a municipally owned land on which we would like to erect wind turbines," said Mayor Volker Bumann after the meeting of community representatives to the LN. Reason: This is to make money.

Is a catch though: The area at issue is a "characteristic landscape area". This is an area on the edge of Nienwohld Moores. By Bumann therefore expects that there might be objections on the part of nature conservation. "There are cranes and white storks - where the nest must be adhered to a distance of one kilometer. We'll get down so just yet, "he says confidently. Should not, however, the white stork's flight path at a radius of six kilometers to be disturbed - "that will be difficult," says the mayor.

The vote on this project in the municipal council was not unanimous. "Here it's about money," says Bumann. Money that will earn the community for its citizens. And that makes the fundamental difference to the purely personal, selfish aspirations of individual landowners to place wind turbines on their land such. After all, should such facilities with a total height of 150 meters have - a landscape that changes seriously.

Four to six wind turbines, so Bumann, could be placed on the community-owned land. If the county and later agree that the country could from the leasing of land per wind turbine a "high five-figure sum" in it for the community. "It's really about Sülfeld for coal," the mayor said bluntly.

If the decisive instances say no to this request, "then we have acted with raisins," says Bumann. "But I do not ever have to say I have not tried it." The Sülfeld want her wish now at least give the group read and hope that their area is recognized as a "suitable area for wind energy utilization." From the circle then the request goes to the country that will ultimately decide about it.

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