Countries dispute over wind energy trade fair

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In the dispute over the direction of a wind energy trade fair in Hamburg, the battle lines have hardened. "This is a frontal attack on the cooperation between Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein," said Kiel's economy minister Jost de Jager (CDU) on Friday at a joint train-ride on the Hamburg-based Senator Frank Horch (independent) between Hamburg and Ahrensburg.

He will return in future projects of cooperation in the field of economic development to the test whether they really took advantage of Schleswig-Holstein interests. "Projects that can only strengthen the already existing pull of the metropolis can not be in our interest." Of these, however, was not affected by the agreement to deepening of the Elbe.

A wind energy trade fair in Hamburg would be a competition for wind energy in Husum, which will be held again in 2012 in cooperation with the Hamburg trade fair company. For 2014, the industry association VDMA Hamburg has asked to develop a concept for a European trade fair for the industry. The Husum exhibition suffers from logistical and space issues. The visitors must find their quarters in the country. Hamburg, however, is home to many major businesses, suppliers and service providers in the industry. Therefore argue many companies such as Siemens for a trade fair in Hamburg.

That does not accept, however, de Jager. "By that reasoning, you could move the Kieler Woche in Hamburg, because then maybe more people come," he said. The Husum trade fair will now seek to strengthen cooperation with the Hannover Messe Husum and the axis - strengthen Hanover.

Horch tried to smooth things over. "If the VDMA and the leading companies are looking for a new location for a fair and decide to Hamburg, then I welcome it," he said. "It would be difficult to understand if I said I would not like that." The energy revolution and the expansion of renewable energies, but both countries have many common opportunities. lno

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