World’s largest tidal power plant in South Korea to generate 254,000 KW per day

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Located in near Seoul, South Korea, the lake Shihwa tidal power plant has begun to operate partially at the beginning of August by run 10 electric generators. The step green of alternative energy for electricity generation is expected to save up to 860,000 barrels of oil per year or save money of U.S. $ 93 million, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by at least 320,000 tons per year.

The power plant at Lake Shihwa which is an artificial sea-water, will be the largest tidal power plant in the world when it's operate entirely on the coming December by production capacity up to 254,000 kilowatts per day. It's will be enough to serve electricity for 500,000 of city population. This capacity will exceed the currently largest Tidal Power Plant in France, which it's capacity of 240,000 KW per day.

The green power plant is one step of the policy of "green growth" by the South Korean president, Lee Myung-bak, in order to develop new sources of green energy. He stressed the importance of green energy sources other than fossil fuels to maintain extreme climate change and the dependence on fossil fuels that fewer and fewer.

The South Korean government hopes to further develop other new energy sources such as solar and wind energy. They also hope to get at least 20 percent of overall energy needs of the nation from the sources it owns overseas.

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