Delivers more power with smaller solar panel module

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Creating a smaller solar module which can produce greater output of electrical energy is one way in increasing solar panel efficiency. A German-based company, aleo solar AG has claimed its latest solar module able to generate more than 1 kilowatt of electricity from 6.5 square metres.

The S_19 solar module is a 260-watt solar module which consists of 60 Bosch's monocrystalline cells. Bosch is one of largest shareholder in aleo solar AG. The solar module is first showing at 26th EU PVSEC conference in Hamburg.

According to the company, this solar module technology is a way to make the price of solar power systems are cheaper, including the cost for installation. The greater a solar module's output will make more efficient solar modules. It's will most efficient solar modules for small rooftop areas.

The new solar module is also expected to create new markets in the field of solar infrastructure to small premises companies. The S_19 solar module is planned to be marketed early next year.

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