Smart agricultural irrigation using solar power

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Drip irrigation system is an intelligent way, efficient and well targeted to provide water needs for crops in agricultural. The smart irrigation systems that will be more profitable for farmers when combined with renewable energy source of solar power to pump water to the plants.

Solar drip irrigation system has been applied by farmers in Kalalé district of northern Benin in West Africa, to improve the living standards of residents in the area that most of their livelihood as farmers. The farmers use solar panels installed in agricultural areas to drain water in the drip irrigation system.

Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF) from U.S. has introduced it's solar-powered drip irrigation system to overcome the problem of shortage of water supply for irrigation of farmland in the area of Kalalé. Usually the women in the area have to walk long distances to fetch water from nearby wells to irrigate their fields by hand, especially during the dry season.

Drip irrigation systems using solar power has succeeded in increasing their agricultural output by 10 fold. They also can boost their economy by have year-round access to fruits and vegetables. Farmers can also produce a surplus that can be sold in local markets. According to the data, farmers especially women, are now able to get additional revenue of about $ 7.50 per week.

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