Fierce but friendly of Orphiro electric cruiser bike from Tesla

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Limited production will price of € 39,000, the results of a special design by Dutch designer, The Tesla's Orphiro Electric Roadster will comes with full electric power to roam up to 60 miles. Not only that, the friendly monster also can reach top speed up to 75 mph.

As if to compete with the Tesla electric cars with it's look cool, the Orphiro appear to bring its class of electric motorcycles. The five batteries to power the electric monster are saved well at the bottom of the vehicle without disturbing the style of this friendly cruiser. It's friendliness to the environment is also supported by a beautiful seat design which blended with the fuel tank.

The good architecture of dashboard, rounded lines, bronze accents, spoke wheels, and just big chrome gas engine is disappear. The zero emission cruiser bike will perfect when using to slide on a beautiful street but not far from the charging source. The Orphiro big electric motorcycles is expected to be launched this fall.

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