Armchair Quantum Wire to eliminate electricity losses from the grid

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Copper wires used today, especially for electricity distribution from the central grid to the transmission has been considered to eliminate about 5 percent of electric energy per 100 km transmission. But a new technique developed by scientists at Rice University, Texas, to create other alternative is more efficient to distribute electricity from the grid to the transmission using the Armchair Quantum Wire (AQC).

The AQC material is actually made of Metallic Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes (SWCN) which has been developed by Richard Smalley, a nanotechnology pioneer and Nobel recipient. The scientists using a technique of amplification of nano-tubes, to solve the various problems encountered in the process of making AQC. One of the main problems for the manufacture of this Armchair Quantum Wire is the large amount of making SWCN (Armchairs) which cannot yet be made alone, but grow in batches with other nanotubes which have to be separated out.

An encouraging results after the research for many years with about 90 percent of the nanotubes in a batch has can be amplified to significant lengths. The researcher team now focused on various chiralities of Metallic Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes experiments which is expected to be better with a batch of pristine armchairs.

Although it's still early, but the researchers hope to be able to immediately change the nanotubes into fibers or produce quantum wire products for carrying electric current efficiently. They expect in the near future be able to begin the process of amplifying armchair nanotubes to make pure metallics in large numbers.

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