NASA contracted with the plane from a space tourism company

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A space tourism company, Virgin Galactic as apart of Virgin group own by Richard Branson has been selected by NASA to cooperate in it's mission to bring their crews to suborbital space. It is the first contract by NASA to commercial airline company for a regular commercial access space in order to advance science.

A program funded by NASA, called NASA’s Flight Opportunities Program, NASA has set up several flights of innovative scientific payload on a low-altitude rockets. The SpaceShipTwo from the Virgin Galactic is crewed suborbital vehicle in flight test. Virgin Galactic support for technology demonstrations and research due to larger cabin they have.

Texas-based Armadillo Aerospace, also has secured $10 million from NASA awards given to seven companies of commercial space. The UP Aerospace, Armadillo Aerospace and Virgin Galactic are already clients of Spaceport America. The two-vehicle system of Virgin Galactic's spaceship launched from a plane is now in the development at Mojave, California, by the company Scaled Composites.

The Virgin Galactic will launch it's suborbital flights from Spaceport America, north of Do-a Ana County. In addition, the company also has received a contract from a private, nonprofit research group to carry their two scientists and their payloads into space, next year.

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