Cheap Solar powered Android 2.2 tablet made ​​in India

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A Rs. 3000($75) solar-powered Android 2.2 tablet made by Indian Government-owned company, Bharat Electronics Limited(BEL), will soon be able used by the Indian people especially in remote areas that hard to get power. The tablets was designed by indigenously and it's will be used to surveys of poverty by the Indian Ministry of Rural Development.

Although it is not clear on the specifications of this Android Froyo tablet, but that obviously this tablet will use the help of solar power to transmit data back to a central server. The tablet will enable to store data on a cloud-based server. Solar power will charge the battery for backup power. It's comes with a standard cheap tablet which use cables to connect a keyboard and monitor, and using leather pouch.

Despite the company is not specialized in making a tablet computer, a record for the fastest time to design, manufacture and ready to ship the 2,000 solar-powered tablets sample in just four and a half months. The company will targeted to make the number of 600,000 solar-powered tablets by this November.

The Bharat Electronics Limited has taken approximately $ 1.5 million for the progress of students in areas lacking electricity availability to get cheaper and better solar-powered tablet computer for their learning activities. The next goal, the tablet may also be produced for the masses.

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