2,625 feet tallest solar tower in the world to produce 200MW

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Project that worth US$750 million will soon be built in the Arizona desert and planned to start supplying green clean energy in 2015. The project will be done entirely by EnviroMission, an Australia-based company to generate about 200 Megawatts of electrical energy which will be connected to the grid to power about 150,000 homes in the U.S.

The very large project will build large capacity of solar panel installations which coupled with the byproduct of heat energy to produce more electricity. A tower in the center of solar power system will height of 2,625 feet with diameter of 130 m. The tower will be used to distribute hot air to drive some turbines installed inside it.

System will work by utilize hot temperatures in the Arizona desert that can reach 40 degrees Celsius to create a greenhouse under the installation of solar systems that will reach 90 degrees Celsius. Hot air under the tower will be on stream into the cavity of the tower from the bottom to top of the tower to rotate the turbine inside it. The very high tower make big difference in the temperature gradient, it will create more powerful sucking hot water to the top of the tower, and produce greater power to turn the turbines.

EnviroMission solar tower construction in Arizona will be able to give many advantages of a large site that will harvest the green energy without emitting pollution or emissions from renewable energy sources. The world's tallest solar tower with its solar installations underneath assessed almost would not need maintenance at all for at least 80 years.

Solar energy and hot air harvesting system on EnviroMission Solartower is considered to generate more energy efficient and more reliable system than other systems to harvest renewable energy sources. Projects already in the stage of land acquisition and has obtained the initial contract of 30 years from Southern California Public Power Authority to supply their energy needs.

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Joel the K said...

This is fantastic! I like to see these kinds of energy projects. It seems like wind power, sun-power, geo-thermal power, and tidal-power could provide us earthlings with nearly all of our electricity needs. Bravo.

Tarski said...

Why is an Australian company building this? Americans should be designing such a project and Americans should be constructing this with American materials.

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