Beautiful green concept of building facade produce solar energy

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Dubbed "BIOS-FIN" as functionally integrated nutrafilters come from the idea of Charles Lee that inspired to combined a photobioreactor technology for the beauty of the building facade as well as multi-function such as to generate solar energy, biofiltration of graywater waste, absorb CO2 inside the building, keep from direct sunlight, and give more colorful building facade.

The photobioreactor device was developed by David Cardello from ASU. The system also inspired by the experts from Scottish Bioenergy. BIOS-FIN will be present in the form of green blades attached on the facade of the building. The beautiful color like rainbow pattern of the vertical blades will occur as the CO2 absorption level, the light filtration, and graywater purification. Its happen due to similar process of salt flats found in the bay which will change color by the differences of salinity level and different algae strains and bacteria colonies.

The great combination between green design, green technology will be excellent to be applied to the current buildings in big cities. The green concept offers more advantages in one package of green energy,green air,and clean water which bundled in beauty building exterior.

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