Pyron's floating CPV system to increase its solar cell out put

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A floating concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) system is an idea to utilize the land on the water that does not function as above an industrial wastewater for the installation of solar panels such as CPV system. In addition to saving space, floating CPV also take advantage of natural cooling.

Pyron Solar has conducted a trial for its floating concentrated photovoltaic on a prototype site in a contract with San Diego Gas & Electric. The test is intended for possibilty of technological applications for commercially on a large scale. Tests performed include measuring the amount of energy generated by the system that produces 19 percent of output per cell more than the other available commercially CPV systems.

According to the company, the increase of solar cells output influenced by several factors such as the ability of modules to synchronize movement of the sun either daily or seasonally. It also benefits from the cooling and balance of floating CPV system by the water environment, so that solar cells can work optimally.

Pyron Solar system capable of generating a flux on the solar cells, 1.200 times greater when compared with natural result. It produced using large magnifying lenses along with the secondary optic. The key is to produce a high concentration of light but the solar cell temperature remains low. This is an efficient step to provide electricity using renewable energy by low-profile design and saving space.

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