Biofuel from sawdust could meet 20 percent of the world's energy needs

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Biofuels as an alternative fuel derived from biomass, continues researched by the researchers to make it from cheaper materials and not use ingredients from the food. A new technique developed by the University of Calgary researchers, to utilize waste materials such as sawdust which converted into biofuel that can be used as car fuel. They use a pyrolysis reactor as extracting oil from sawdust.

Biofuel is produced through a process of heating with a very high temperature around 500 degree Celsius without oxygen and uses a high pressure. Pyrolysis reactor is a mechanism of thermochemical decomposition of organic materials.

Researchers estimate that the use of wasted materials such as sawdust someday could provide 20 percent of the world's energy needs. They also optimistic could commercialize the production of biofuel from sawdust in a few more years. Alternative energy from biofuels will probably the answer of the energy needs in the future when conventional fuels increasingly expensive and scarce and less environmentally friendly.

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Forrest Charnock said...

Presently it cost less that .5 cents per gallon to produce gasoline in Saudi Arabia so to try and give the impression using a method so ineffective it requires government handouts to exist is cheaper defies credibility. We have more oil than the Saudi's and we are the best people in the world at turning it from raw material in the ground to a finished product.
Our problem is not resources , it is the power mad environmentalist and the dupes who are causing this suffering.

Forrest Charnock said...

We have oil , we can produce it for pennies on the dollar compared to this method that could never replace 5% , let alone 20# of our needs.
Our only hope is to get the experimental terrorists off our back and responsibly use our God given resources.

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