NREL created a solar cells efficiency tester, which 1,000 times faster

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A new solar cell efficiency tester called "Flash Quantum Efficiency System "(Flash QE) is an attempt by scientists at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to accelerate the development of solar industry to more quickly obtain the highest efficiency of solar cells and manufacturing costs that are cheaper.

Flash QE is used to measure the quality and efficiency of a solar quantum that is claimed to 1,000 times faster than any solar cell tester tool ever. The technology has also won the 2011 R & D 100 Award for the discovery of a revolutionary.

The device is the idea of scientists at NREL-inspired from colors of the rainbow and the human brain system. It's uses LED lights which each color has a rainbow color to demonstrate the ability of each solar cell in converting certain wavelengths of light in the solar spectrum.

Flash QE will be very useful for maximizing the energy efficiency of the solar system, by a way to sort and match the solar cell in accordance with the specific efficiency. By this way, solar cells can be placed on the same solar panel. The technology is expected to push forward the development of solar industry and able for manufacturing line diagnostics that more precise and faster.

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