British's cooking oil-powered plane will serve flights to Spain

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Since the concerns of the use of fossil fuels that detrimental to the security of our planet, many alternative fuels such as biofuels have been used to save our environment. In addition to the automotive industry, aircraft industry is also doing the same thing in order to maintain our green earth from the threat of carbon dioxide emissions that cause greenhouse effect.

One of the participation by Thomson Airways, an airline based in Britain, will be the first in the country who fly using cooking oil as material for biofuels. The aircraft is scheduled to make their first flight using a 50/50 blend of Jet A1 fuel, fatty acids (Hefa) fuel, and hydro-processed esters. Materials to make the biofuel will be used cooking oil.

The Thomson Airways cooking oil-powered plane will begin its flight in late July, which will serve the flights from Birmingham, Central England, to Mallorca, Spain. If the test worked well, the company plans to conduct a weekly flight to the route. The aircraft also has been examined throughout the eligibility to fly.

Biofuels for aircraft is already commercially available so that the company also plans to use biofuels for their entire fleet. Previously, a Boeing 737-800 owned by Dutch airline KLM has also used the same biofuel from cooking oil for a flight from Amsterdam to Paris.

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