The most efficient solar panel gets Guinness record award

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The Guinness Book of World Records Award has awarded SunPower E20 solar panel as the most efficient solar panel that available mass in the market today. The solar panel offers 22.4 percent efficiency at converting sunlight into electricity.

The company launched its new photovoltaic modules at the Intersolar conference in Germany. The SunPower and NREL have developed Maxeon solar cells that use back contacts to increase surface area upto 4 percent to improve solar cell efficiency. The E20 solar panels capable of operating at higher efficiencies, of up to 5 percent more than rated.

According to the company, E20 panels equipped with 96 cells and available in 333-watt and 327-watt models for rooftop solar installations. The panels are suitable for residential, commercial rooftops and ground-mount power plant applications.

The E20 panels with module design advances to increase module power and reliability. Its include the Maxeon cell, anti-reflective glass and improvements in the panel materials and will follow more features with its E18 and E19. The shipping begin in the third quarter 2011 to Europe and Australia. And its will available in North American and Asia in early next year.

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