GE to build a new hybrid power plant in Turkey

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General Electric and eSolar will work together to build a new hybrid power plant in Turkey uses GE's new technologies that integrates renewable energy sources with conventional energy. The new hybrid power plant claimed could be 70 percent more efficient than current power plants.

The new hybrid power plant would be built in Karaman, Turkey, for the MetCap Energy. Its would utilize renewable energy sources from wind energy, solar energy and natural gas to produce approximately 530MW of electricity for about 600,000 homes.

GE will use some of their latest technology such as GE's new FlexiEfficiency gas turbine which its a jet engine to power a generator to produces power and heat exhaust to make steam. While eSolar will perform the entire integration of solar power.

Solar energy will be used to run a boiler to generate steam. It also would be equipped with 25,000 computer controlled mirrors for boiling the water in the tank. Meanwhile, wind turbines and gas generator driven by natural gas will be connected to the power plant grids.

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