Compressed air storage for dispatchable wind power

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General Compression will further develop its compressed air storage system that they have developed in 2006. The air storage system is expected to make a dispatchable wind power to provide energy even though the wind was not blowing.

The compressed air is pumped underground at off-peak times than its released passed through turbines to generate electricity or to deliver power to the grid during peak times. But during the compression and expansion process there are some energy lost, but it can still give advantage for delivering power when high demand times or middle of the day. System that do not use fossil fuels during air expansion stage is estimated to have an efficiency of 75 persen.

General Compression's ground-based system is designed so wind turbines power a compressor and air expansion unit. Currently, there are two installations of underground compressed air storage and other to be built, such as in Texas from investor ConocoPhillips. Funds also come from DOE's ARPA-E research program which the round of funding was led by Northwater Capital Management.

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