iLand portable solar-power pack provide energy anywhere

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iLand portable solar-power pack is a practical green device to harvest solar energy for your electrical needs on your every trips. Its easy to use, equipped with 200Wh battery and weighs less than 10kg in the form of a generator and a repository for solar cell mat.

The autonomous solar unit using a variety of elements for convenience in your travels and easy to carry with shoulder strap. The repository will be used to store a solar cell mat that can be rolled out in situ.

The portable solar device is equipped with four LED bulbs, two USB connectors to charge your gadgets, eight LED lamp connectors and a universal cigarette lighter socket. We just put the solar cell mat under the sun using a mounting to harvest solar energy. Connect the solar panel into a generator to immediately allow you to charge your laptop, cellphone, or power LED bulbs.

The iLand portable solar power pack is suitable for use during the holidays, emergency, or during the rescue mission. It's also nice if owned by social organizations such as NGOs or government organizations.

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