Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town to reduce 70 percent CO2

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The $ 739 million Fujisawa Smart Sustainable Town project is a green vision by Panasonic and the partners to build a smart town in Fujisawa, about 30 miles southwest of Tokyo. The smart town will use green technology to reduce carbon emissions by 70 percent compared to levels in 1990 and will be inhabited by about 3,000 people. Its expected to be opened in 2014.

Fujisawa is suitable as a future green communities model because it is close to beaches, abundant sunshine and a surf culture. The Sustainable Smart Town will have a 19-hectacre networked subdivision which is built on former of Panasonic plant.

Smart town will also utilize green renewable energy at about 1,000 homes and possibility use Panasonic's Ene-Farm battery and Tokyo Gas. Each home will be installed solar panels for electricity needs or home fuel cells and smart appliances.

System EV recharging stations, LED lighting, surveillance cameras, wind paths and greenery will be a plan that will be developed. The company hopes the houses can already occupied by 2018.

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