Algae system to create algae biomass from CO2

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The algae system from OriginOil that will capture flue-gas emitted from the coal-fired power station is being installed by MBD Energy at coal power station in Tarong, Australia. The system will capture the carbon that will be used to augment the production of algae biomass for fuel or plastics.

The CO2 will be captured using a bio-based carbon capture storage device containing micro-algae. The Tarong power station planned to process about 300 gallons of algae culture per minute of one-hectare site. Its will be set-up 80-hectare of company facility.

The system installed at Tarong is the result of a collaboration between OriginOil and MBD Energy that has been done for several years to find a way make use of CO2 to produce algae . Both companies intend to prosper as a result of a growing pipeline of large-scale CO2 to Energy Algal Synthesizer installation projects at emitters in Australia and even around the world.

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