Solar powered Juno spacecraft will make a five-year journey to Jupiter

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Solar powered NASA's Juno spacecraft that will undergo a five-year journey to Jupiter to rely on solar power is ready to be launched on August 5. The $ 1 billion Juno mission will be the first history of journey farthest outer space using solar power.

Juno will be launched using an Atlas 5 rocket and is expected to orbit in July 2016. The spacecraft employs three large solar panels and its have seen their last photons of light until they Are used in space after launch.

The technician have successfully undergone pre-flight test of Juno spacecraft in Titusville, Florida. The spacecraft uses three solar panels size of 9 feet wide and 29 feet long that will only produce 450 watts of electricity (12 kilowatts -14 If the arrays were optimized to operate at Earth).

Juno will carry a mission to uncover clues about the origin of Jupiter, has the potential to provide knowledge about the formation of whole solar system.

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