Students in Australia created Solarball to purify water

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Solarball water purification device is the work of Jonathan Liow, a graduate student at Australia's Monash University, which its using evaporation and condensation to produce clean water that is ready to drink. The ball-shaped device is able to make 3 liters of clean drinking water per day from dirty water and only the help of sunlight.

Solarball managed to become finalists in the 2011 Australian Design Award - James Dyson Award, intended to help the cheap water purification in dry areas that are difficult to obtain clean water like in Africa. We just poured the dirty water or polluted water into the device and let Solarball processing dirty water into hot water by sunlight exposure through the ball's transparent upper section. Inside of the ball condensation forms guided down to a spout through an internal gutter that runs around its diameter. The clean water of the contaminants are left behind in the unevaporated water.

Liow is developing a water purification device that is more efficient, easier and cheaper than existing products. He also uses a plastic material that food-safe, recyclable, hope it's UV-tolerant. He will also intend to make Solarball in large scale for distribution.

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