T-box turbines to harvest energy from passing trains

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Trains that pass very quickly will produce strong wind that will enough to drive the turbine devices that exist underneath to produce electrical energy. T-box concept by industrial designer Jiang Qian and Alessandro Leonetti Luparini offering as harvest electrical energy from a passing train using turbines which placed between the railway sleepers.

According to the designers, some 150 devices can be installed along one kilometer of railway lines to turn the turbines in the T-box. Turbine inside the device using Hetronix model with a knife obviously designed to rotate on the central axis of the cylinder housing. The design has won a silver award at the Lite-On awards last year.

For the device safety and minimize the dirt that comes in, the turbine will only appear on the ventilation. The device would be maximized if installed at busy train track so that it can generate enough electric energy. The device advantage is not dependent on the weather but from human activities are often performed. T-box design has been exhibited in Xuexue Institute.

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