New Honda Soltec thin-film solar cells smaller with 13 percent efficiency

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Honda Soltec released its latest product of thin-film solar cells that is smaller than the previous thin-film solar cell they have developed in the hope of reaching more than 13 percent module conversion efficiency. Its new CIGS-based solar cells have been present with a more compact design with fewer non-photosensitive parts used.

Advantage the new Honda Soltec thin-film solar cells can easily allow modules to be installed on various types of roof-shaped in various locations. It will be able to compete with the most efficient thin film solar cells today.

Its new prototype has been increased 10 percent efficiency of older models and its expected to be more than 13 percent efficiency to bring to the market . In addition, the new model also comes smaller cell surface area measuring in at 926 × 738 × 37mm. Improving the product through smart design is a good idea to be developed.

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