Device to generate energy from the noise

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A device to produce electrical energy from noise, sound vibrations, mechanical energy and ultrasonic waves has won an award from the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET). The students at the American University of Sharjah to develop this device using piezoelectric technology.

To make a piezoelectric technology device required a special kind of material that produces a voltage upon the application of pressure from movement or vibration. An extract materials from nature properties such as silicon sand or properties of crystals blended with titanium to capture the vibrations resulting from the movement.

The students tried to utilize the energy wasted resulting from the different places where a lot of noise and mechanical energy such as footsteps on sidewalks or noise at a football stadium. While the ultrasonic sound produced from animals can be obtained from a large aquarium.

Piezoelectric devices are also likely to be placed on speed bumps on the road to store energy from the vibrations of passing cars on it. Accumulated energy can be used for lighting the road itself. A small piezoelectric devices in shoes to capture energy when walking could be used to charge your cell phone.

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