Chip Yates electric motorcycle reached a new record of 190.6 mph

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Chip Yates broke a new record speed of 190.6 mph for his electric motorbike in the Mojave mile. He has proved that the electric motorcycle can also compete with gasoline-fueled motor racing.

Computer models show for speeds up to 200 mph, but is hampered by the high-speed buffeting by a blunt rear end. Yates Electric motors only did two runs because recharging the battery pack problems. The bike uses 12.4 kilowatt-hour battery pack.

Yates and his team take the wisdom of identifying the causes of barriers to be refined, they even optimists could reach a maximum speed of 210 mph after remove the buffeting. Currently,Yates increasing his bike power to 240 horsepower to prepare for the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

Previously 194 horsepower engine have succeeded in making Yates on the podium in the Wera Heavyweight Twins races, which compete with such well-known motorcycle brand such as Ducati 848, KTM RC8 and Suzuki SV650. According to Yates, the electric motor if designed and implemented correctly can produce extreme performance that will be able to compete directly with gasoline motor racing.

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