It's time to fly with US$39,000 electric personal aircraft

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FlyNano electric microlight is a private plane that weighs only 70 kgs and for only U.S. $ 39,000 you can get it. A small single-seat aircraft made ​​by Aki Suokas, Finland Aeronautical engineer was launched in the 19th Aero held in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

This small plane is very light due entirely made of carbon fiber composite with about 5 m of wingspan, 3.5 m length of nose to tail , 1.3 m height, and 200 Kg maximum take off weight. The Flynano will take off on the water and landed well on the water too.

The aircraft engine powered by a 20kw of electricity with speed range of 70 km / h to 140 km / h and the true airspeed is about 140 km / h at 75% power and 70 km of theoretical operational distance. With a super light weight without passengers and baggage allows Flynano not be bothered with licensing issues and a minimum of red tape in most jurisdictions.

Comes with three series: Series E 200 (20 kw electrically-powered), Series G 240 (petrol-powered), and Series R 260/300 (racing models). Delivery will begin around mid this year.

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