Wind-powered car successfully Perth-Sydney travels only with $ 16

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Wind Explorer a wind-powered car finally arrived in Sydney after through 3,100 miles distances from Perth for three-weeks trip with only spending $ 16 fare. A little pod-shaped car has only 200 kg weighs capable of driving up to 55 mph.

Wind-powered car equipped with lithium-ion batteries are considered as the world's first self-sufficient wind-powered vehicle passing through the continent. Battery will be charged at night using a mobile wind turbine. The car will be able to reach the distance up to 62 miles using electricity which is only half of electricity used for the washing machine. The car will also use the kites to produce more energy.

The Wind Explorer incredible journey's driven by the inventors, Dirk Gion and Stefan Simmerer. According to Gion, although many people are skeptical, but they are attracted to the idea of ​​technology and we will prove it. Environmentally friendly cars with no pollution and no noise will be desired by many people.

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